Grace is finished!

Finally, finally my contracted story for Noble Romance Publishing, Grace, is finished!! Although I really liked this story I realise now that trying to write to a deadline over christmas was perhaps NOT the best idea. Sooo many distractions, then to add to it, my pc got wiped out with a virus at the same time I got hit with the flu!! (not a cold, serious ‘you are in bed for a week’ flu) So I ended up almost completely wiping my desktop, getting a new laptop when it didn’t work properly and writing when I felt like a wrung out dishcloth (still feel a little dishclothy still :S)

So Grace ended up being a long hard slog, like chipping each word from a block of granite. I’m pleased with the results though, with some editing and polishing I think it’ll be a cracking story!!

But for today I’m going to breathe a sigh of relief and relax. I have some fanfic writing with friends to catch up on (yes, I am a total geek.) I’m a total scifi addict and a new game just started up with a couple of freinds so I’m heavily into that at the moment. There’s a great subplot a freind and I are playing with that promises many hours of writing fun!

LOL, yes I said writing fun. I LOVE writing. Grace was hard but it was fun. But writing with someone else is an absolute treat. Some people prefer not to write with others but I actually really enjoy it. I find the key is to brainstorm extensively first, get a base plotline then go for it 😀

However, simm and fanfic writing does serve another purpose for me. It taught me to write everyday. For new writers that’s a hard habit to get into. A five plus year veteran of star trek simms (yeah, admitting my geekdom outloud there) I’ve written probably about a thousand words across different games every day for years which has stood me in good stead for the writing. I just add another thousand on for the writing and in my mental schedule here, treat it like another game. If I struggle I’ve even been known to set up a mock forum and actually write the story IN the forum, as though it were a game. Anything to trick the brain into complying, I’m not proud, I’ll use anything that works.

I also find I can explore personality themes to a certain extent in games before I write them into a story. Not ever the same character as goes into the book, totally unrelated genre and storylines, but I can ‘play’ with certain ideas before I write them into proper fiction. (honestly this all does make sense in my mad little brain here)

Simming also helped with the confidence issue. Writing and more importantly, putting your work out there takes a lot of guts. Writing is very personal, it’s hard to expose yourself to all those people even if they are on the other end of an email. They’re still reading what you wrote. What if they hate it? What if they think you’re stupid? What if they think the rocks can write better than you can? (believe me, I have ALL these running around my brain when I show people writing!) and if you write erotica lets not forget ‘what if they think I’m perverted?’

But simming allowed me to write and loose a little of that fear. Of course I don’t put some of the stronger stuff in there but I can write and people read it. It’s not throwaway but it’s writing out there that people aren’t laughing at. And that helps.

Ugh, I’m not even sure I’m making sense anymore. I tend to start these posts and waffle a bit, usually forgetting the idea I started off with!!

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  1. Mina Carter
    Mina Carter02-02-2009

    Yes, I’m a game manager for a couple of star trek simms and play in around eight. The ones I manage I write the plot for and play a character. The others I just play a character. :)

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