25 things you may not know about Mina

So, a freind of mine did this over on facebook and I’m sufficiently bored and amped up on coffee thanks to a late night chat to catch the US timezones (I’m in the UK) and about an hour and a halfs sleep to actually *think* of 25 things. (Really I’m avoiding starting work)

1 – Is addicted to caffiene. Coffee or anything containing it.
2 – Eats bread and butter with rice pudding.
3 – can write html and css code.
4 – prefers coke over pepsi.
5 – has (currently) seven tattoos. Plans more.
6 – can actually draw
7 – Is chronically untidy
8 – has a ‘tidy up freak’ husband.
9 – Can weld
10 – Is a qualified massuese and aromatherapist.
11 – has seven corsets. This figure will no doubt increase.
12 – Is a star trek geek (no, doesn’t have a uniform)
13 – Favourite film is Guy Ritchie’s ‘Snatch’
14 – prefers cheese over chocolate.
15 – has been banned from Xbox due to beating the rest of the family at fighting games.
16 – Is prone to quoting from Monty Python, particuarly the african swallow’s sketch.
17 – will read anything if it stays still long enough
18 – has an ambitions list, things ‘to do’ each year. Aims to complete one per year. (This has lead to learning to weld, learning to massage etc.)
19 – Intends to complete a half marathon at least once in her lifetime (and then never run one again)
20 – Is a kick-boxer.
21 – Is a cover artist.
22 – hates piercings. Only has ear piercings and wouldn’t have those if her mother hadn’t had them done when she was 18 months old.
23 – Is a qualified markswoman.
24 – can read and write grid references to 64 figures.
25 – Knows the UK postcode system by heart.

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