Sunlight & Slavery.

I finally finished Sunlight & Slavery. Which I’m really pleased about. Like most stories I had a little bit of a block in the middle and I always hate a story when I’ve just finished writing it. But looking back when editing it I’m rather pleased with the story overall.

I was mooching around on the stock sites looking for a possible cover image. It’s only just been submitted but, hey, a girl can think ahead can’t she? … and I found this one…


I kinda like this one. It’s nothing like the initial image I had when writing the story which was this… (image removed for copyright issues) But obviously I can’t use this one so the search was on for a different one. And it’s giving me the right ‘feel’ to match the story although I’m not overly sure about the pink. I’m not a pink person, although Brat has decided without any prompting that pink is of course mummy’s favourite colour because she’s a girl. (It’s not, it’s purple but you try and explain that to a three year old!!)

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