Deception & Desire…

…is at number two on the bestseller list for Changeling over at fictionwise! (–Desire/Mina-Carter/?si=0) I’m really pleased because I do like Cassia and Tiny’s story a lot. It was great fun to write, but then, I do like writing heroes with a bit of the bad boy about them. Okay, that’s pretty much all of them then!

Currently I’m writing Edan in ‘Siren’s Seduction’ which is becoming a wee bit of a challenge. Edan isn’t just a bad boy (an mma cage fighter he has to be) but he’s damaged goods as well. However, the physical injuries are not as bad as the mental ones. He considers himself a failure and for the story to progress I have to get him from that point to starting to heal. Which is…interesting to say the least. (Especially when Levi the wonder lobster keeps wanting in all the time!)

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