Six Sentence Sunday: Thrill of the Night

So here we are again with Six Sentence Sunday. This week I’ve chosen lines from my upcoming release with Summerhouse Publishing, Thrill of the Night.

“Gah, there I went again. You’d think after three years of being out the game I’d have settled into civilian life, but nooooo…my brain insisted on feeding me firing arcs and assessing the danger in any situation. On the face of it, that wasn’t a bad idea. But when you found yourself fondling the silver cutlery and demanding to see customer’s teeth to check for fangs? Bad thing.”

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  1. Wonderful six, Mina! I think I’d be fondling silver cutlery, too. ;)

  2. Fangs ? did someone mention fangs ? – just found out how many kid lit books have vampires – love fangs !

  3. You hooked me at fangs. I look forward to reading more and what a GREAT cover!

  4. LOL Love that line of reasoning.

  5. Checking for fangs! Ha!

  6. Interesting. Like the tone of the character.

  7. I really, really like this six. Great wry humor.

  8. Fun voice, and you hooked me with fondling the cutlery and checking for fangs.

  9. Kerrianne says:

    interesting.. More please.

  10. Hahaha, checking for fangs.

  11. Good character development!

  12. Oh. Vampires. Me loves vampires! I really enjoyed this snippet, pulled me into her head right away.

  13. lol great six, Mina! Checking for fangs and fondling silver ware — fab voice

  14. I’m totally hooked. Fondling cutlery line got me lured in , the checking for fangs ending solidified it.

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