Five Delightful Divas for Taming the Wildcat!

Today I have the warm and fuzzies all over again. Maggie B from Dark Diva Reviews has given Taming the Wildcat five divas!!


(Yeah, I know I’ve used this one before. But it’s so cute!)

So, Wildcat! Maggie B over at Dark Diva Reviews says…

Mina Carter and Bethany Barnes have written a delightful erotic romance that could have taken place anywhere, but the fact that Taming the Wildcat happens in outer space makes it a thrill ride… The sex is oh, so hot and there is a lot of it in this book… I enjoyed Taming the Wildcat by Mina Carter & Bethany J. Barnes and recommend it to anyone who enjoys sci-fi, erotic romance, humor, a strong woman who is able to stand up for herself, alpha males, and dangerous situations.

Read the full review…

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  1. That is one of the cutest kitties I have ever seen!

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