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Updates, f*&^$%g updates! And an update ;)

You know, I hate updates. Why do I hate updates? Well, some of you might have noticed that the lovely slider thing we had going on here is gone. Why is that, I hear you ask? Well, that’s because I updated the blasted thing ONLY to find that the whole bloody thing has changed! My images (all nicely aligned and the same sizes) are all over the place, it’s displaying dates at odd places and links? Oh, it doesn’t do that anymore.

I’ve spent most of the day wrestling with it and have finally given up and removed it. Gotta love those developers who issue an update, which renders their product useless to the customer. *grumble grumble*

Much coffee and swearing later, we have no slider. But I have news (I know I’ve been fairly silent recently but I’ve been busy, I promise!.

So… Harem Mistress, the second in the Prince’s sci fi series, releases from Etopia Press next week. I’m waiting on word but I should have some cover art goodness to share soon!

After that, sometime at the end of June, should see the release of Midsummer Heat, a werewolf romance novella, which I can reveal the cover for… *insert dramatic music*

I have news on the cyborg series. Aries Revealed has been confirmed as the title for Johnny and Milly’s story and I’ve received the first round of edits for it :) I’m waiting on official cover art but I have a concept ‘poster’ I was playing with for the story. I’m not sure on a release date for this one yet. Hopefully soon 😀


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  1. Mirian Bermudez
    Mirian Bermudez05-22-2012

    Oh no! Sorry about your cute header. What the heck happened?
    WOW that cover for Midsummer Night Heat is great! but wait OMG ARIES? THAT poster is HOT! HOT! HOT!!!! Holy crumbs! I want to eat him up like a lollipop! mmm. Can’t wait for those two stories to come out! I was about to complain why i don’t see a cover for Harem Mistress. I loved Prince’s Courtesan, Jaida ROCKED! So I can’t wait for Harem Mistress. 😀
    You need to blog more often! your fans miss you!

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