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Guest post: Talking with SJ Drum

Good morning all!! Do I have a treat for you today. Romance Author SJ Drum is here talking about her latest release and book related merchandise (with a small aside to Shades of Grey). I think the idea’s a great one, and the book…oh yum! It’s sat on my ereader ready for tonight!


A few weeks ago, I attended a “Passion Party”. For those of you not in the know, a Passion Party is when a group of women get together to drink cocktails and sample the wares hocked by the Pure Romance company. Imagine a bunch of ladies, two drinks in, sitting in a circle and passing around various vibrators, flavored lubricants, and kinky toys. I could not stop giggling and blushing. And I am sooo not a giggler and rarely am I a blusher.

When the Pure Romance consultant broke out the 50 Shades of Grey themed toy line, I ripped my notebook out of my purse and started taking notes. I mean, seriously? A sex toy product line with toys straight from a series of books?  At that point, I had not yet read the books, but I still appreciated the marketing genius of the author who signed a contract with a sex-toy company. You wouldn’t believe what they are asking for a simple gray tie. The price tag is only acceptable because of the small tag on the tie which says “Christian Grey”.

So, for fun (and hopefully the enjoyment of my readers), I created a few items of book swag for my latest release, SINFUL SOUTHERN INK. Now, I don’t have access to a place where I could have kinky stuff personalized so my merchandise is more Vanilla than the Christian Grey leg spreader bar. What can I say, Café Press hasn’t exactly jumped on the erotic romance bandwagon. 😉

Here are a few examples of SINFUL SOUTHERN INK merchandise. What do you think? Do you like when you find book related items available from your favorite authors’ stories? I sure do. Even if I don’t buy, I love knowing it’s out there.


Hart’s Ink, the shop owned by the main characters in Sinful Southern Ink, the Sinful South Series by S.J. Drum



The Sinful South Series by S.J. Drum, part of the Pricked line at Ellora’s Cave. Sinful Southern Ink – Novella Book 1, Sinful Southern Hero Novel Book 2, more to come!


Hart’s Ink, the shop owned by the main characters in Sinful Southern Ink, the Sinful South Series by S.J. Drum


Now for the book itself…






Amazon Review:

FIVE STARS Sexy & Romantic Novella! July 11, 2012

By N!na

“Sinful Southern Ink by S.J. Drum was such a pleasure to read. Although Jed & Abigail have been working together for three years, it’s never gotten past a professional relationship. Plus, Abigail is Jed’s boss so pursuing any type of relationship with her is strictly forbidden. However, one night Jed encounters a drunk Abigail drinking away the news of her deceased father. He can’t help, but take her home & nurse her until she feels better. As these two spend time together, feelings start to change and soon they both realize that what they wanted was right in front of them all along.”

“S.J. Drum has spun a romantic & sexy tale with Sinful Southern Ink. Jed and Abigail were both engaging characters. Jed was just an all-around sexy sweetheart & Abigail was a great & strong heroine considering all the things she’d seen & went through as a child. And besides, who doesn’t love a tatted & pierced hero with a heart of gold?! The storyline & plot were also well-developed. The pace was just perfect; it didn’t feel rushed or too slow. I devoured this story in an hour because I couldn’t make myself put it down. Overall, I highly enjoyed Sinful Southern Ink! It was an engaging, sexy, & all-around feel good romance. With that said, highly recommend!”



  1. Milly Taiden
    Milly Taiden07-24-2012

    What a great story! And such a gorgeous cover!
    I love the merchandise idea. If I had the body I would buy those shorts lol…ok, I still will lol.

  2. S.J. Drum
    S.J. Drum07-24-2012

    Thanks for having me on, Mina!

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