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Faery Dust re-released!

If you stick around long enough as an author (and most of us do given the highly addictive nature of writing, and the coffee and nutella we usually use to fuel mad writing sprees 😉 ) then eventually book contracts expire and you get your rights back to said book. Which means… Re-releases! And snazzy new covers!

Today’s offering is Faery Dust, which is now available again with a pretty new cover!!

Asharra De Silve, Faery Princess of the Terralien line, is getting married. The whole regal pomp and circumstance, the big white dress, the flowers… and it’s all a sham. She’s been sold off to the highest bidder as a virgin princess to save her family from the Fae equivalent of debtor’s gaol. So she’s decided that a visit to Last Call is in order…

Faery Dust: Nymph seeks a good hard fucking. One night to last a lifetime.

Deverell, Lord Hunter, is in town for his own wedding. But with a wedding comes a bedding, and he needs to take the edge off his appetite before he even tries to take his promised virgin bride to bed. So when a pretty little sprite calls for a Faery Dust, Dev’s more than happy to show her just how wicked a dark Lord of the Fae can be.

**Please note: This title has been previously released with another publisher. **

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  1. Milly Taiden
    Milly Taiden09-12-2012

    I really liked Faery Dust along with the follow up Faery Wedding. They were both great!

    • Mina

      *hugs* thank you, I’m glad you liked them! I love Dev and Ashe as a couple, which is why I had to revisit them in Faery Wedding *grins*

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