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I Put a Spell on You cover

ISBN: 9781936950485
Release Date: Sep 23, 2011
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Series: Avalon , Book 2
Publisher: Summerhouse Publishing

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Once a hunter, always a hunter…

Gwen and her young lover, Jasen, have been on the road for six months. With Jasen infected, they need to find the Lycan who bit him before time runs out. But with each full moon, the pack eludes them, forcing Gwen to take desperate measures.

Once a hunter, unless you’re something else…

To save Jasen, Gwen must walk on the darker side of her nature and use skills she swore never to use again. Because there’s more to this hunter than meets the eye, and once pandora’s box is opened…life will never be the same again.

“You have blood on your ass. Here, let me.”

The deep male voice interrupted my reverie in the motel shower, sliding between the sound of the spray and the thunder of trucks on the freeway outside. A large, callused hand cupped my rounded derriere and rubbed at the offending spot of dried blood. Not mine, I hastened to add. In my line of work, blood, dried or otherwise, was an occupational hazard.

Sighing in contentment and rising anticipation, I thrust my hips back, as Jasen, my lover of just over six months or so, climbed in behind me.

“Christ Gwen, you got it in your hair as well.” He grabbed the small bottle of shampoo from the shelf and dumped the contents on my head. “What did you do, roll around in the stuff?”

I shrugged, a moan on my lips as his strong fingers massaged the apple blossom solution, or some similar concoction into my scalp. Jasen had magic hands, the guy should have been a masseuse. Seriously. Or a model. An underwear model. He had an ass and a package I could drool over all day.

“Wood chipper. Only way to get rid of the body. It’ll drive the cops batty.”

I hunted vampires, among other things. Unlike Buffy, though, my job didn’t end at the staking. In real life, vampires and other nasties didn’t conveniently go “poof” in a cloud of dust and make things easy. Oh no, the bastards were just as much trouble dead as they were alive.

Almost every nasty I knew reverted to human form on death, which meant the average hunter was extremely adept and inventive at getting rid of the bodies. There was an urban legend that a British hunter actually mailed a vamp to seventeen different locations. I half believed it. The postal system here was just about crap enough.

Moral of the story? Never piss one of us off, because no one would ever find the remains.

Jasen got inventive with his hands. Those oh-so-clever fingers traced the shape of my ass and downward. I tensed and parted my legs in blatant invitation as I waited for that perfect moment—when he spread the lips of my pussy and went to work.

He didn’t. His hands rubbed the soapy lather down my thighs, working it up in a storm as he grumbled some more about blood. I pouted in disappointment.

“Baby, since when has a little blood bothered you?” I teased, wriggling my ass in hopes of getting some action.

Action always got an equal and opposite reaction. Somehow I didn’t think Newton was talking about sex in a shower, though. With a small growl, he surged to his feet, flipping me around and pushing me back. Before I could think, he had me against the wall, the feeling of cool tile against my back, and a hard male body pressing urgently into me.

His hands bit into my hips, less ample than they had once been, after nearly six months in the saddle. I bit back a whimper. He was always a bit rough just before the full moon, as dominant urges and other stuff we didn’t talk about rushed to the fore. My secret shame was that I loved it.

“Doesn’t. Want to smell you,” he growled, a feral light in his eyes as he buried his face into my neck. He bit lightly, making me jump at the sudden sensation of pleasure-pain. When he was like this, I never knew what he was going to do next.

One time, we’d messed about in the car, me teasing his cock as he drove. Grunting a curse, he’d pulled into a rest stop, and the next thing I knew, I was spread over the hood of his car. In full view of the road. God, that had been a good night. If I’d had any inhibitions before meeting him, I sure as hell didn’t now.

I soon found out what his next move was. As I wriggled, he grabbed my leg and hauled it up over his hip. I moaned as the thick head of his cock fitted into the grove of my pussy lips and slid upward.

“God, you’re hot. I want you…fuck you hard and fast.”

He pulled back for a second to look into my eyes, and I saw the battle waging there. The need for sex, the feral instincts that drove him, fighting against the horror of what he’d become. Even if I hadn’t been so attuned to the moon’s path, I would have known something was wrong just by looking at his face.

Jasen…my hunter boytoy…was infected with the were-virus.

“Fuck me then,” I offered, arching my back to present myself to him. Relief flooded his eyes at the permission. We’d done everything we could to stop the first change. Wolfsbane, blessed ointments, spirit quests. So far so good, but each month, the creature got stronger. The only thing that held back the feral urges was sex. Hard and fast, sometimes rough, sex.

I expected him to press the advantage, part my legs wider and waste no time getting that thick cock, balls deep inside me. To my surprise, he didn’t. A deep rumble in the back of his throat, he ran his lips down my neck, nuzzling and rubbing his cheek against me. His larger body surrounded mine, protective and possessive at the same time. His hips canted, his cock riding back and forth over my clit, eased by the slickness of my arousal. The small bundle of nerves ached, begging for more.

Until Jasen, sex had been very much take it or leave it. After a hard night’s hunting…I’d mostly leave it in favor of sleep. Now? I was ready to get down and dirty at a moment’s notice. Where this addiction had come from, I had no clue. But I wasn’t about to argue. Not when there was a young, extremely hot guy ready to indulge my every perverted fantasy.

“…one of the things that I like about a quickie book like I Put A Spell On You is that chance to get to know a new author and explore their style. I really liked what I saw! The action was packed, both violent and sexual. There was a touch of humor in the storytelling and I could see where I Put A Spell On You could become a series…”
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