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MC Call Of The Moon Md

MC_Call of the Moon_md

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Release Date: 27 Nov. 2014
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Series: Avalon , Book 2
Publisher: Blue Hedgehog Press

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Once a hunter, always a hunter…

Gwen and her young lover, Jasen, have been on the road for six months. With Jasen infected, they need to find the Lycan who bit him before time runs out. But with each full moon, the pack eludes them, forcing Gwen to take desperate measures.

Once a hunter, unless you’re something else…

To save Jasen, Gwen must walk on the darker side of her nature and use skills she swore never to use again. Because there’s more to this hunter than meets the eye, and once pandora’s box is opened…life will never be the same again.