Melody’s Wolf

MC Melodys Wolf LG

MC_Melody's Wolf_LG

ISBN: 9781613335420
Release Date: May 24, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Series: 1NS
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Available from: Decadent Publishing|Amazon|Amazon UK|B&N|ARe

Melody's Wolf (Lyric Hounds, #1)

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Melody’s love life is in a bit of a dry spell…for the last two years. Content tracking down archaeological evidence of werewolf packs, she spends her time wearing wellingtons and covered in mud rather than looking for a date. Knowing her worried brother isn’t above arranging a kidnapping to get her to go on a date, she agrees to a match with 1Night Stand, figuring Madame Eve has to be a better matchmaker than her beloved brother.

Money, fame, looks—rock star and werewolf Aaron Rixx has it all, except the one thing that truly matters…love. Yearning for a woman to see him for who he is, he lets Madame Eve make all the arrangements. No matter where he goes, as the lead singer of the world famous band, Lyric Hounds, he’s always recognized…so all he expects is a night of hot sex and a quiet weekend with his music.

He never anticipates Madame Eve might find the one woman on the planet who doesn’t recognise him on sight…or the one he and his wolf identify instantly as their mate. Will one night be enough for him to convince Melody she’s his forever?


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#1- Melody’s Wolf
#2- Wolf Bond
#3- Sex, Wolves & Rock ‘N Roll



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