Mated by Midsummer

MC Mated By Midsummer

Book Info:

Release Date: September 25, 2014
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Length: Novella
Publisher: Blue Hedgehog Press

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Ten years ago, werewolf Kelli Copeland ran from Stratton to avoid being claimed by the new pack alpha, Max Daniels. Since then, she’s made a life for herself in the city, free of the pack and living amongst the humans. Happy with her life, she’s never thought of going back, until her brother decides to get married. Now she has to go back, but surely a decade is enough for Max Daniels to forget about her?

Pack alpha Max Daniels could have the pick of the pack females in Stratton, but he doesn’t want them. He only wants one woman, the one who ran from him years ago. The only woman he’ll ever love. When he gets word that Kelli is back in town, he swears to do everything in his power to make sure she doesn’t leave again. Up to and including kidnapping her…

But he isn’t the only wolf in town with an agenda. And this time, Kelli’s departure might be permanent.

*Please note: previously published elsewhere under the title ‘Midsummer Heat’*


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