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ISBN: 9781936950256

Release Date: May 08, 2011
Genre: Sci-fi Erotic Romance
Publisher: Summerhouse Publishing

Available from: Summerhouse Publishing | Amazon UK | ARe | Amazon | Smashwords

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Some girls don’t play nice…

Licensed Bounty Hunter and mercenary, Naz, has always been a wild one.After all, chasing criminals across the known galaxy is bound to knock a few cogs loose. No crew, no partner, she works hard and plays hard.Tannick Ruff, Alpha weredog and all round SOB, can see the potential in Naz as a hunter. She might just be tough enough, and crazy enough, to join his crew. The fact that he’s been itching to get inside her for months has absolutely nothing to do with it…

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Naz’s work was always eventful, but even she couldn’t top a day that started with Tannick Ruff’s pierced tongue curling seductively around her clit. She tried to hide the shiver that ran through her body and fixed her attention on the mission.

Laying back on the velvet couch that her partner for this mission, Tannick, had her spread over, she tried to keep her thoughts straight. His broad shoulders wedged between her parted legs, his clever tongue danced wickedly over her clit as she tried to keep it together, enough to sweep a look around the room.

Ten guests, double that for sex workers, she reeled off over the team’s ‘pathic link as she let out a loud and not so fake, moan. Thank god none of the team surrounding her felt the waves of pleasure rolling through her, nor how much Tannick’s nearness affected her. Guests. All male. The usual types. Nine hetero…one homosexual. Workers are mainly humanoid…various species. One tentacalian.

She avoided looking that way. The bright purple tentacaled courtesan was wrapped around the lone homosexual guest. What it was doing with all those tentacles, though…she shuddered. Squick factor thousand. She had no idea what gender the being was. The creatures were highly prized at parties such as these and probably made more than all the other courtesans put together.

She moaned again, playing up to their cover. The only way they’d been able to infiltrate Kelran Gult’s pleasure palace had been amongst the ranks of the sex workers shipped in for the party. Gult didn’t like uninvited guests. Like, really didn’t like uninvited guests, particularly ones who carried licenses with the words “bounty hunter” on them. It was the sort of dislike that meant a watery end in the river outside the city, or as one of the many unidentified bodies hauled from the city’s waste disposal systems.

But, since they were looking for a kidnapped girl, the chances of getting a legal invite to the place was around the same as a snowball in hell. However, if this had been a legal operation, then they wouldn’t have been called in. They weren’t nice people. They were the sort other people called in when the shit seriously hit the fan and the cops couldn’t deal. Since the cops couldn’t find their asses with both hands and a map, they got called in a lot.

Would you stop fucking wriggling? Tann shot her an exasperated thought over their private mental link. Despite the fact they’d never worked this closely before, the link was as strong as if they’d been working together for years. I can’t hear what’s going on next door.

He flicked his tongue over her clit again, then nibbled lightly. Naz closed her eyes as waves of heat raced over her body like hyperactive star-wrasse on the hull of a ship. Trying to stay still as he feasted on her like a starving man at a banquet was nigh on impossible. Biting her lip, she raised her arms over her head to grasp the edges of the couch. Her tits jiggled as she did, catching the gaze of the nearest of Gult’s guests.

His eyes filled with heat, his expression a sick leer of lust. She bit back the bile and arched her back a bit to display her body. Slender with a stacked rack and masses of white-blonde curls, she was the distracter. Courtesans worked in couples, be that opposite or same sex pairs; so no one had batted an eyelash at her and Tannick showing up together with their fake agency papers. What had caused a raised eyebrow and ensured their admittance into the palace, was the small brand below Tannick’s left eye that marked him as a were-dog.

[wptab name=’Reviews’]Three Hearts from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews:


“Liking It Ruff is one short, hot story. Mina Cater knows how to keep it steamy with the characters and she doesn’t let up. You better have the fan on you because you will get hot, hot , hot. I enjoyed reading Liking It Ruff. Tannick is one scorching dude.” Michelle


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Dark Diva Reviews – 4 Delightful Divas

Dark Divas Reviews

“I had no idea what this book was about…Once I saw Ms. Carter’s name, I had to read it.The quips were flying like bullets and I was alternately fanning myself over the sheer eroticism of the writing and laughing as I readMs. Carter never fails to entertain. A great novella.” Claudette

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Lucy Felthouse:

“Liking it Ruff was a great read. Mina Carter has a knack for throwing the reader right into the middle of the action and making it damn hot. This story is no exception. There’s a lot going on, both between the characters and in their world and there’s definitely more of the tale to be told. But as a standalone sexy short read, Liking it Ruff is a yummy one, particularly if you like elements of the paranormal thrown in.”

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