Teasing the Wildcat

Release Date: 21st Oct 2011
Genre: Sci-fi Erotic Romance
Publisher: Summerhouse Publishing

Available from: ARe | Smashwords

**Note: this is a free read with the characters from Taming the Wildcat. It is advisable to read Taming before you read Teasing.**

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Summer King and Roz Taren. The Phoenix and the Wildcat. She’s a fiery-tempered fighter pilot and he’s a hotheaded mercenary. Newlyweds, they’re blissfully in love and busy setting the sheets on fire. Born from different worlds, they’re still learning about each other. His species allows for multiple marriages…at the same time. Hers…not so much. Roz thinks it’s funny to tease her about taking more wives, but Summer’s not having any of it.

So, she shows she can play jokes just as well as he can. Perhaps even better, since her version of teasing starts out funny, but then turns up the heat. Bound and determined to show him she’s the only wife he’ll ever need, Summer sets out to tease him…beyond his endurance.

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Teasing the Wildcat (free)
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