Coming Soon
Okay, so this section is a little scattered. It’s a list of all the book ideas I have and am working on in some stage or another. Please don’t take anything on here as read. If it drops off, I may have re-named / changed the story, or the plot simply didn’t work out and it’s gone onto the backburner for a while. Something that states contracted or has a release date, however, will be going forwards :)

Asleep in his bed (Stratton side-story)

M/F Paranormal Erotic Romance







Dangerous Duke

M/F Paranormal Fantasy Erotic Romance







Zodiac Cyborgs 3: Chasing Cyn

M/F Sci-Fi Erotic Romance







Zodiac Cyborgs 4: Slyvan’s Surrender

M/F Sci-Fi Erotic Romance







Zodiac cyborgs 5: Scorpio’s Seduction

M/F Sci-Fi Erotic Romance







Zodiac Cyborgs 6: Tempting Taurus

M/F Erotic Sci-fi romance






Zodiac cyborgs 7: Cael’s Choice

M/F/M Sci-Fi Erotic Romance







Stratton Wolves 3: Enforcer’s Heart

M/F Paranormal Erotic Romance







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